After the Fall is a groundbreaking
dark-fantasy Play and Earn game

with a team dedicated to re-imagining what blockchain gaming can, and should, look like. We are blockchain romantics, game builders, and specialists in our respective fields. Together, we are driven by a simple belief; that gaming should, first and foremost, be fun.

The spirit of community underpins The Red Village, and our goal is to listen, respond, and react to players in line with our move to becoming a truly decentralised ecosystem. Blood Is Coming.


Meet Our Fully Doxxed Team

The After The Fall team specializes in Web3 Game development, Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency with members located all around the globe.

The team has also onboarded several full-time staff in areas such as Game Design, Engineering, Economics, Blockchain Development, Unity, HR, Product Owners, Art, Customer Support, and more.

We aim to build something new and groundbreaking. Our team is working around the world combining artistic prowess, technical innovation, and business leadership to set new standards in gaming.

Muhammad Hassan

Founder & CEO

Muhammad Salik

Chief Technical Officer

OZ Sultan

Chief Game Architect

Gustavo Adolfo

Art Director


Our Allies

We have managed to put together the best team in the industry to develop a
welcoming and supportive community, an amazing game experience, and a
behind the scenes team that is always creating growth.